If you thought last year was big, well this year was even BIGGER, and even BETTER! If you were one of the 8,000 people then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Ps, if you weren't there, I did warn you that you'd miss out!

I had a chance to speak to Jamz Supernova, Star One and Chams for a little catch up at Strawberries and Creem festival to get to know them a little bit, so make sure you check out that video!

Like many, I was torn between the main stage and the other stages, like the red tent throughout the festival as we were spoilt for choice! It's rare to have good music playing from all angles at the same time! I definitely got a great gym workout running back and forth to see all the acts!

Photo Credit: Clash Music

Photo Credit: Clash Music

Jamz Supernova went back to back with Jus now, pumping up the crowd, getting the mood going. May I add, they only prepared their set in two days!!!! Star One and Cardinal Sound had everyone going absolutely mental, I'm sure the ground was shaking at some point with all the jumping.  J Hus gave us the good vibes playing hit songs like "Friendly", "Common Sense" and the highly favoured "Did you see!", which is the summer anthem right now. Shaggy left us with sweet nostalgia, playing us songs like "Angel", which left everyone with great vibes to end this years Festival.

Let's not forget about the other awesome acts! The sweltering LinkUp tent saw performances throughout the day from Donae’o, Mike Skinner, Madam X, Artful Dodger, Logan Sama, P Money, Sir Spyro and YGG.

Dimitri From Paris headlined the Bumble stage – The Courtyard – in association with MixMag, which also saw sets on the day from Ellie Cocks, Made You Look, Pawsa, Late Replies and more! The stage, designed by Cambridge University Students was an elevated DJ booth balanced above too large storage containers.

Shaggy preached a message of love in wake of recent events around the world, with the crowd getting their phones and lighters up in solidarity – a special moment for S&C. There were also calls from artists for justice for the victims of the Grenfell Fire.