Support for victims of sexual abuse

On this page you can find different types of support that is out there for victims of sexual abuse, as well as support for parents of sexually abused children. If you have watched my short film "The Drinking Game" or my documentary series for "No Means No", you may have noticed that I have not mentioned anything about where you can find support. The reason being is that I wanted to dedicate a whole article outlining the different options available. Reporting to the police is an option, however it is not the only option. Whether or not you decide to report your sexual assault to the police, there are still other forms of support which I highly recommend you consider.



1. Rape Crisis centre

"0808 802 9999 between 12 noon – 2.30pm and 7 – 9.30pm any day of the year and also between 3 - 5.30pm on weekdays"

The rape crisis centre is a brilliant organisation that offers support to all victims, women, men children etc. There are some rape crises centres located around the UK, and even if one is not located near to you, their services go above and beyond. On their website they not only offer a helpline, they also have articles explaining what sexual violence is, myths about sexual violence. They outline the steps and procedures of what to do if you need help.

If you have been subjected to any form of sexual abuse, you may not know where to begin, which is why organisations such as the rape crises centre, as well as the other organisations mentioned exist, to help you through every step.


2. NHS

The NHS also offer support, especially if you are worried about your sexual health due to being sexually abused, the NHS offer support in ensuring you have the correct procedures taken to look after your health, as well as information on forensic medical examinations.


3. The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC)


Call 0808 801 0331 free from all landlines and mobiles
NAPAC provides a national freephone support line for adults who have suffered any type of abuse in childhood.
Telephone support line opening hours: Monday – Thursday 10:00am-9.00pm and Friday 10.00am-6.00pm


4. SurvivorsUK Helpline Web Chat


National Helpline Web Chat for adult male survivors of rape or sexual
(Monday – Friday 10.30 – 21:00; Saturday – Sunday 10:00 – 18:00)


5. MOSAC (Mothers of Sexually Abused Children)  0800 980 1958


Supporting all non-abusing parents and carers whose children have been sexually abused. We provide various types of support services and information for parents, carers and professionals dealing with child sexual abuse.


6. SupportLine 01708 765200

Confidential emotional support to children, young adults and adults by telephone, email and post.



7. PODS: Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors
A project of Survivors Trauma and Abuse Recovery Trust (START)

PODS works to make recovery from dissociative disorders a reality through training, informing and supporting.
Helpline: 0800 181 4420 – Tuesdays 6-8pm or appointments at other times by contacting the office
Email:  (for START) or (for PODS)
Website: and

8.Respond (For people with learning disabilities)

Respond exists in order to lessen the effect of trauma and abuse on people with learning disabilities their families and supporters. Provides psychotherapy for people with learning disabilities, advice and support for staff and families, training for carers and professionals, and education for people with learning disabilities.