Harnaam Kaur: International Womens Day


What are you doing on International Women's day? Oh wait, you're going to be at BoxPark Shoreditch right? ME TOO!

I am delighted to say that I will be speaking at Harnaam Kaur's event at Boxpark Shoreditch for International Women's day, as well as being on the panel!

When is it?

Tuesday 7th March 2017


Boxpark Shoresditch, 2-10 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6GY

Tickets: https://treasureswithin.eventbrite.co.uk

(Early ticket registration will get you a body shop goodie bag)

Harnaam Kaur is a body confident activist, a decorated public speaker, and also a Guinness World Record holder. Harnaam Kaur being a brand in her she embodies and empowers & is also the voice for anyone who has ever felt different.

Already appearing on platforms like BBC Radio - 1, 5, Asian network, BBC 100 Women, Doctors (NBC), Channel 4 news (accumulating over 28 million views in 1day), Cosmopolitan (USA), Grazia, The Sunday Times, the guardian, the daily mail, the mirror, people magazine, ITV This Morning, speaking in Chile, Germany (creating a documentary) judging a international beard contest in Berlin.


Note from Harnaam Kaur

"The 8th of March is important to me for a many number of reasons. I am born of a woman who has shown immense strength in making a life better for her Son and Daughter in England. She has worked day and night to ensure that both her children are clothed and fed. As well as this my mother has not only carried and homed us both for 9 months in her womb, but she has worked to make sure that we both reside in a warm loving home with a roof over our heads. Due to this I owe my mother my whole heart, world and more.

Women all around the world have shown bravery in the face of gender based atrocities, they have stood strong and valiant when confronted with racial discrimination and/or discrimination within the work place. I also applaud how women have stood up fearlessly when voicing their opinions on matters in which they feel oppressed. Due to this International women’s day is important not just for women but also men too. Women need to come together in solidarity and celebrate all that they have accomplished collectively. We need to communally empower each other and commemorate our accomplishments big or small in a world where we are made to just sit at home and be house wives; I am happy to say that this has changed but in many countries women are still not allowed to have hopes and dreams.


I want to dedicate my International Women’s day event to those Queens who are still being oppressed by society, the girls who are being forced into female genital mutilation. I want to focus on rape survivors, women who are going through and have gone through domestic violence, forced marriages, ‘honour killings,’ and those Transgender women who have to daily deal with being ostracised by the wider society because of whom they are.  During this event collectively we will be celebrating women regardless if sexual orientation, caste/religion, culture, colour, age or abilities.

Together we are powerful. Together we make the world go round."